I have been practicing Ashtanga Yoga consistently since 2011 and was authorised to teach level 2 in 2016. Sharath R. Jois and Devorah Sacks have been my teachers. I have also studied with Hamish Hendry, Dominic Corigliano and Chad Herst. I assisted Devorah in her Shala in San Francisco in 2017 and started my own programme in Berlin, Germany in 2018.
The inherent wisdom of Ashtanga yoga has led me on a transformative journey. Through awareness of the body the mental, emotional and physical bodies find their release guided by patience and trust. The connection to the breath and bandhas leads to the unlocking of blockages. Practicing daily makes me see things as they are which is the first step to healing. I go into the deeper layers of the Self unwinding conditioned mind patterns and emotions. The practice keeps me healthy, happy and strong. The longing for the deeper truth of life has also led me to explore Vipassana meditation in the Goenka tradition and Theravada Buddhism in the Thai Forest tradition.
I bring this love of the practice to my teaching, supporting practitioners to develop their strength and alignment along with the breathing. I adjust as an invitation to move from the inside to avoid injuries.
The Mysore style class is suitable for all levels including absolute beginners. The practitioner is taught one-to-one receiving the necessary attention directed to individual conditions and abilities. At the same time, this happens in a group setting as a space of safety and inspiration. The daily practice allows the time to integrate the teachings, to step out of the daily challenges and experience the bliss of feeling your body in movement and positions.
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